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Recent Projects:

Mason Jar Music & Fleet Foxes

-Produced, arranged, & performed orchestral accompaniment on Fleet Foxes' album Crack-Up - out June 2017
- Hear the first single here

Decoration Day, Volumes 1-5 - An Annual Cover EP by Mason Jar Music & Friends
- Produced & recorded each year over Memorial Day Weekend
- Featuring: Keenan O'Meara, M. Lui, Daniel & Jaime Woods, Harvey Eyeballs, Michaela Anne, Flearoy, Twain, Emily Elbert, Nick Hakim, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, and Josh Garrels
- Download from Noisetrade or Bandcamp

Mason Jar Music & Feist

Radio City Music Hall - May 5th, 2012
- Photos and Videos on the MJM Blog

Crypt Concert for "Metals" Release - October 3rd, 2011
- Footage premiered on CNN
- Photos and Reviews at: Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork, Billboard,, and Spin


Mason Jar Music is a production company and creative collective with studios in New York City and Nashville, TN. Founded as an umbrella for a community of music-makers in Brooklyn in 2010, the company has grown to represent a diverse group of award-winning composers, record producers, and video directors.


People often ask us why we chose the symbol of the Mason jar to represent our company, and what we mean by "Preserving analog principles in a digital age." To us, the tool of the cottage-industry canner is an apt metaphor for what we hope to capture through our ongoing collaborative work.

"Analog principles" is our short-hand term for the qualities that we value most in the art that has influenced us: hard work, collaboration, a reverence for the creative process, and above all, a deep desire to capture and convey the richness of the human condition.

We're thrilled by the potential that has been unlocked by the advent of the digital age, but we hope to use the tools and technology at our disposal to celebrate and amplify the raw qualities that make humans so great -- not sanitize, mask, or mechanize them.

Since our inception, we've had the privilege of serving as the creative directors on projects that featured many of our heroes. Our films and music projects have taken us around the world. In 2012, after our collaborations with Grammy-winning artist Feist, Mason Jar Music was named the world's 6th most innovative music company by Fast Company Magazine.

We're thankful for these accolades and opportunities, and we're proud of the work we have done together. But ultimately, as our logo reminds us, we're still just striving to perfect and deliver our own homemade blend of creative inspiration.

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  • a few honest words graphic Ben Sollee
    A Few Honest Words
  • The Lone Bellow
    The One You Should Have Let Go
  • Lake Street Dive
    FreshGrass Presents...
  • bird graphic Andrew Bird
    Tables & Chairs
  • thile-meyer graphic Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer
    Why Only One?
  • mando oranage graphic Mandolin Orange
    Hey Adam
  •  the national graphic Abigail Washburn
    Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • the Relatives, Luckiest Man Wood Brothers
    Luckiest Man
  • town hall baby graphic Jerry Douglas
    FreshGrass Presents...
  • slip away graphic Josh Garrels
    Slip Away
  • feist, bad Feist
    The Bad In Each Other
  • cheesebarn graphic Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, and Jordan Tice
    Grandpa's Cheesebarn
  • Alicia Keys graphic Zo Kwe Zo (All Are Human)
    Final Cue
  • Alicia Keys graphic They Came At Night
    Final Cue
  • Alicia Keys graphic Call Me Priya
    Mill Scene
  • Alicia Keys graphic Josh Garrels
    The Sea In Between
  • Alicia Keys graphic Sarah Jarosz
    House of Mercy
  • Alicia Keys graphic Miguel
    What's Normal Anyway?
  • Alicia Keys graphic Alicia Keys
  • Mason Jar Music
    Auld Lang Syne
  • Alicia Keys graphic Josh Garrels & M.J.M.
    Silent Night
  • Medeski EPK John Medeski
    A Different Time EPK
  • freshgrass EPK Freshgrass @ MASS MoCA
    2013 EPK
  • Flearoy EPK Flearoy
    Wake The Town EPK

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Our Brooklyn recording studio is located in a beautifully preserved brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant historic district. The studio contains a spacious and well-outfitted control and live rooms, as well as a full kitchen, bathroom, and tree-lined patio. Our equipment list includes a broad array of digital and analog tools including a 24 channel Otari 2-inch tape machine and a 12 channel Neve sidecar. Please contact us for booking and availability.

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record production graphic Engineering Mixing graphic Arranging Contracting graphic
Record production Engineering /
Mixing / Mastering
Orchestration /
Production, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering for LP's, EP's or singles. Clients are matched with a producer on our roster whose style best fits the artist's material. Tracking & overdubbing at MJM Studios in one of our studios or on site at a remote location. Mixing and mastering also available in Nashville or New York. Please inquire for a complete equipment list. Original orchestrations for strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and voices. Can include recording at MJM or a remote location and access to our database of session musicians.
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MUSIC For Picture MUSIC Videos Live event Recording / Filming
Composition and recording of original music for film and television including orchestral scores, themes, and background cues spanning a wide range of styles. Ideation and production of full-scale conceptual narrative-based music videos and staged performances. Clients are matched with a director on our roster who best fits the material. Audio and video recordings of concerts and other live performances, interviews, and B-roll for EPKs and promotional documentaries.

We are available for collaboration. Please get in touch with us for any project consultations, general inquiries, or just to say hello. We look forward to working with you.


Dan Knobler
Co-Founder, Producer, Engineer / Mixer, Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist

Jon Seale
Co-Founder, Producer, Director, Composer,
Engineer / Mixer

Andrew Ellis
Director, Cinematographer, Director of Photography

Sasha Arutyunova
Photographer and Camera Operator

Jason Burger
Producer, Drummer, Percussionist

Gabriel Gall
Arranger, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Jacob Blumberg
Producer, Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Jeremy McDonald
Producer, Engineer / Mixer, Bassist, Multi-Instrumenalist

Jas Walton
Arranger, Composer, Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Flutist

Jake Sherman
Organist, Pianist, Keyboardist

Breanna Duffy
Director of Operations

Russell Durham
Violinist, Mandolinist, Arranger, Composer